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Big Data

We utilize our unique research and development methodology to help you to define a Big Data strategy and select appropriate technologies and vendors based on your requirements and budget. We offer vendor-neutral, unbiased recommendations based on your real business needs. Our professional consultants combine technology expertise with business domain knowledge to help you to evaluate commercial product vendors and open source options.

We can help you to:

  • Identify your business goals and establish business requirements

  • Identify the right technology framework, architecture patterns, tools, product development life cycle best practices, languages, and more

  • Define a Big Data roadmap that will enable you to get the most of your existing investments

  • Evaluate technologies and vendors based on weighted scoring against your objectives

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Architecture and Design:

We have extensive architecture and design experience and expertise. We create architectures that are extensible, maintainable, adaptable to change, and portable to different environments.

Our architecture advisory services provide you with sound advice based on years of experience. We have developed everything from performance-tuned clusters to fully-integrated suites of technologies that include ETL, NoSQL data stores, MPP-based data warehouses, CEP engines, workflow engines, and visualization.

Our years of experience enables us to:

  • Architect and design large and complex enterprise-class software products and solutions

  • Access a huge knowledge base of contemporary and future architecture frameworks and design patterns

  • Employ mature and automated processes and best practices for high quality and faster architecting and designing

  • Reduce maintenance costs by anticipating the major changes that may occur in the system

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Cloud Services:

As a cloud ecosystem integrator provides you with complete ownership of your cloud-adoption life cycle, backed by best-in-class partners.

Our offerings include:

  • Delivering and managing best-of-breed cloud ecosystems with the convenience of a single point of accountability

  • Comprehensive services from strategy, planning, and cloud setup to migration, creation and aggregation of cloud services

  • Outcome-based pricing and SLA-based service assurance

Our offerings can provide a direct and strong impact to your P&L through DS Technologies Inc Global Edge Business Platforms in the cloud.


These include:

  • Top-line growth with offerings that drive your transformation and innovation needs

  • Bottom-line efficiencies through process standardization, Capex to Opex conversion, and outcome-based pricing

  • Single point of accountability and SLA-based service assurance

Cloud Enablement

Build a robust and secure cloud computing environment of your choice – private, hybrid or service provider cloud – by making use of best-in-class technologies and standard processes from DS Technologies Inc to deliver infrastructure as a service (IaaS) as well as application platform as a service (PaaS).

  • Private cloud IaaS and PaaS enablement services

  • Hybrid cloud-enablement services

  • External service provider enablement services

Cloud Strategy and Planning

  • Readiness assessment workshops

  • Cloud-adoption road map

  • ROI and business cases

  • Identification of the business services catalog

  • Organizational change management

  • Governance, risk and compliance advisor

Assess your cloud-readiness quotient with DS Technologies Inc Cloud Advisory Services. Draw up a cloud-adoption road map. Estimate your return on investment (ROI) and define a customized business service catalog, together with deployment options, based on the unique needs of your enterprise.

Cloud Brokerage

We bring multiple services together (aggregation) to ensure that data and processes are integrated across your diverse on-premise and cloud-based services (integration). We also address the overall organizational needs as well as the unique change management needs of your enterprise (customization) – providing consolidated metering and billing, so you can get a unified view of your cloud resource usage and optimize such usage.

Business Meeting


With the rapidly changing business environment, the expectation of the organizations is increasing by the day. The new challenges not only provide opportunities to the businesses, but also test their ability to survive and make a forward move. To have such flexibility, one must think ahead of others about the future opportunities and must be prepared to handle the situation in a better way.
DS Technologies Inc works along with businesses in addressing their immediate challenges as well as preparing for the future through appropriate strategies that have been proven across domains. Our success has been in adopting the right solutions to face the emerging challenges and providing competitive edge to thrive in the ever-changing world of business.
The key to success is the ability to adapt to needs of the emerging market needs, and this transformation plays a major role in having the right impact in growth. Efforts will be made to provide solutions on all areas of the business, how to leverage on the successes and build on the model to maximize benefits and how to cut down on other areas that are not the focus area of the organization. And, help build an organization culture that aids in robust growth of the business in the near term and beat their competitors.
Care will be taken to work with businesses to address their unique needs not compromising on delivery time and cost of service in putting best strategies in place. The aim is to serve the business with integrated approach to meet the challenges in the market and equip the leadership with deep insights on converting challenges into opportunities for growth. .


Client Challenges

  • Adapt to the changing market conditions

  • Innovate continuously

  • Align IT with business goals

  • Optimize costs, increase customer satisfaction

  • Accelerate time-to-market for new products and services

  • Integrate distributed operations and systems into a single unit

  • Meet industry standards and compliance requirements

  • Leverage emerging technologies effectively

  • Virtualize non-core operations

  • Prepare plan to meet future challenges

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Information Technology: 

To convene the world’s ever changing technology, which prioritize in define, design and deliver mounting business requirements should not impede business from working on their intensification strategies. To keep a tab on the new-fangled newer software and hardware products and then unify them to meet your organizational requirements takes a significant amount of your precious time and money.
DS Technologies Inc provides your organization an ever-increasing needs of IT Services and stay focused on your business growth. From organizing (arranging) a better network to servers, we take a holistic approach and provide with workable solutions to suit the business needs. We help you in application development; prepare strategies to face competition, and stay ahead of others with IT strategy.
The key strategies help the business redefine the IT service management and adapt the best practices to maintain the competitive edge over others. It also envisages on how to safeguard the information and store the data secure in this superfast world.


Client Challenges

  • Align IT with strategic business initiatives

  • Built-in flexibility to adapt to a constantly changing global market

  • The ability to strategize, develop and execute new initiatives

  • Product engineering capabilities

  • Business consulting capabilities

  • Any aspect of creating, developing and transforming online products and services.

  • Insightful Analytics and re-engineering using the process capabilities

  • Procurement & Supply Chain services to integrate sourcing & procurement

  • Impede applicants with highly indepth process and documentation

Law Consultation

IT Infrastructure Services

To become successful, the companies must focus on service delivery as it determines the future growth and success of the projects. Information Technology is evolving at a phenomenal rate. New technologies like Cloud Computing, Virtualization and Mobility are compelling organizations across the globe to look beyond the traditional ways of doing business. And the consequent urgent need to formulate strategies to adapt to the emerging scenarios. The days of working from single location to multi-location to different time zones is compelling companies to work with better solutions for improving the business. This is leading to pressure on the IT infrastructure to provide practical solutions that aim at automation, storage and safe retrieval of the data.
For increasing the business opportunities, companies need to plan ahead of the competition and must take measures to catch on the emerging opportunities with confidence.
DS Technologies Inc ensures that you get the right technology that aligns with your business priorities and improves profitability while reducing the overall costs. The technology helps the businesses to transform into a robust organization to take on the emerging business opportunities with confidence.
The effort is not only to reduce the overall costs and make it efficient, but to update the IT Infrastructure to meet the rapidly changing situation and improving service delivery. The complete solution helps you to prepare for the future armed with new initiatives and technologies with a global perspective towards business. The deployment of tested methodologies and design of a unique framework that meets company-wide requirements make the business robust to meet emerging challenges with confidence.


Client Challenges

  • Deliver better levels of service with a flexible, yet robust global delivery model

  • Improve infrastructure utilization

  • Increase infrastructure availability

  • Higher IT infrastructure spends with reduced budgets

  • Boost end-user satisfaction

  • Reduce total cost of ownership for IT Infrastructure

  • Maximize operational efficiency

  • Monitor and manage critical applications and identifies issues

  • Provide innovative and unique solutions to suit business needs

  • Service management integration within a multi-sourced IT environment

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Data Engineering

The success of your data science project is only as good as the data it uses. But, as companies collect soloed, inconsistently formatted data from different sources and in huge amounts – AKA big data – flaws creep into the final algorithm and simply sabotage all your ML efforts. Big data engineers are the ones responsible for all big data analytics groundwork. They handle facts that data scientist’s use later to turn into AI models, find and manage data sources, and establish your organization’s data management.
Structured data is useful data, so managing huge volumes of data starts with designing and creating a Data Warehouse or modernizing your legacy

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Agile Transformation Services

Agile product management is, first and foremost, a methodology and a way of thinking. So, from creating an Agile product management framework to mastering the process. Agile is a methodology, a framework that allows those using it to adapt and be more productive when it comes to creating and testing their product. An Agile product management framework, on the other hand, is beneficial in the sense that it’s not looking to guess future desires and create products based on predictions. It actually works based on what the customer needs right now, and can easily adapt if that need changes. Hence the name Agile. Development is carried out based on constantly changing needs, rather than according to a plan that was made at the very start of the product.